Working for a real estate investment firm

Working for a real estate investment firm

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Hi! Welcome to this blog post. My name is Dana and I am the Administrative Assistant for Southern Legacy Homes. You may have seen some of my blog writing in previous posts (Real Estate and Covid-19, Staging, A House is not a Home, etc.) 

Today, I intend to provide a brief glimpse into what it is like to work at a real estate investment firm.

In my position, no two days are the same.

Some days include:


– Assisting with last minute staging touches before property photos are taken

– Going to a job sites to make note of the light fixtures/plumbing fixtures needed

– Filling out scopes of work with the home’s unique design plans in mind 

– Looking for our next deal

– Creating relevant and enticing content for social media

– Maintaining our website and providing the most up-to-date information on the listed properties

– Searching for just the right tile, bathroom vanities, pendant lights, etc. to suit a property we’re renovating 

– Filing away our purchase and sale agreements, insurance documents, invoices, and the like 

– Reaching out to wholesalers and other real estate investors in order to broaden our network

– Creating flyers with property specifications for our new listings 

– Replying to any questions or comments that come through our email, phone number, website, and social media channels

In my time at SLH so far, I have found that working at a real estate investment firm is one of the best ways to learn about the ins and outs of real estate (besides getting your license, of course). One of the first things that you learn is that comparable properties (comps) are KEY. Comps should play a big role in choices for a home’s finishes, its room dimensions, and its list price just to name a few. Overall, comps can affect nearly everything about the home you’re building/renovating!

On that same token, I have also learned about the types of specifications you can expect from homes in certain areas and at certain price points: carpet vs. hardwood, granite vs. marble, etc. This is a tool that is incredibly helpful for anyone who would like to own a home one day. It’s definitely possible to learn this information outside of working in real estate too; it’s just quicker and easier to pick up on when it’s part of your full-time job. 

Southern Legacy Homes is a family-based company: a complete change of pace from my corporate background. Our team includes Josh Loewen, wife Callie Loewen, sister Emily Loewen, and Todd Yarger. (Todd isn’t technically related to the Loewens, but he pretty much seems to be family at this point.) At SLH, suggestions and new ways of approaching tasks are very much welcomed, as efficiency is the name of the game. There are also personal touches to everything we do, and having a sense of humor is highly encouraged within our staff. (See our T-Rex instagram posts)

The company is constantly changing and evolving, which makes it so that working at SLH is anything but boring. With a solid structure in place and upward trajectory, stay tuned to see what kinds of properties and projects we take on next! I’m certainly excited for the future of SLH. 🙂

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