Revisualize, Revitalize, Rejuvenate

Revisualize, Revitalize, Rejuvenate

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Hello! I’m Dana, the Administrative Assistant for Southern Legacy Homes, LLC. You may have seen our slogan “revitalizing Nashville, one neighborhood at a time.” Today, I’d like to break down where it came from and what that curious string of words means to our team. 

When inquiring minds asked who Southern Legacy Homes is and what they do, Project Manager Emily Loewen responded “we buy homes and rehab them. We also buy land and build new. We try to keep the character of the neighborhood. (You might say) we . . . revitalize it.”

As soon as she said those words, our new motto was born.

Southern Legacy Homes is a real estate investment firm, tackling projects in the greater Nashville, TN area. We at SLH purchase and rehab homes when possible; or, we will simply tear down and build anew if a home has truly given all it can. We also offer design, remodeling, and staging consultations/services by request!

Upon seeing the kinds of properties we take on, most see a run-down, dirty, down-on-its-luck property. However, we know that there is potential in every home we come across. Give it some TLC, and it’s remarkable how you can start to see the beauty and comfort the home actually held all along.

With in-house renovation expert Josh, design guru Callie, and project manager/logistics extraordinaire Emily, and the ever business-savvy Todd, at the heart of SLH, our team carries out its mission every day to deliver an overall rejuvenation of Nashville and its unique neighborhoods.

We can’t wait to showcase the exciting projects we have in store for you. But for now, feel free to go to the “Our Portfolio” section of our website to see the before-and-after photos of just a few of the properties we’ve rejuvenated so far! Also be sure to follow us on instagram @southernlegacyhomes to keep up with us and our progress on our current projects!

Dana Baker
Administrative Assistant
Southern Legacy Homes

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